Limited resources, complex workflows. The solution: WAP

Highly complex processes, dynamically changing order volumes, and the large number of departments and partners involved all add up to the challenges our customers face on a daily basis.

Maximum efficiency is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Cost savings

Significant reduction in overhead costs

A more profitable and competitive business by improving efficiency, productivity and quality of operations, while offering greater visibility and control over internal processes.

Real-time monitoring of workshop production indicators

The WAP optimizes workflow in real time, offering major benefits including immediate adjustments to meet changing demand and improve efficiency. WAP reduces errors, improves quality and promotes continuous productivity, which, coupled with proactive decision-making, boosts profitability. Process flexibility enhances customer satisfaction, loyalty and competitiveness by reacting quickly to market changes.

Optimizing payroll costs

Payroll optimization is a crucial strategy for companies seeking to manage costs effectively while preserving profitability. WAP's main objective is to allocate human resources wisely, while maintaining a balance between cost reduction and employee well-being, and remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Configuration and automation of production steps

Automation of processes is a key lever for increasing efficiency and productivity. Through individually configurable processes, the WAP makes it possible to reduce errors, minimize idle times, and speed up the repair of vehicles.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Building customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty means creating a platform that automatically keeps them informed of the progress of their claim. WAP strengthens customer confidence by offering total transparency over the claims management process. By providing real-time updates and facilitating communication, companies can not only retain their customers, but also improve their long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Centralizing resources

The WAP simplifies access to critical information, enhancing team productivity by reducing the need to search for dispersed data. Furthermore, it promotes real-time collaboration and strengthens data security through protocol standardization. Ultimately, this centralization boosts operational efficiency, resulting in smoother processes and faster decision-making.

Using artificial intelligence to optimize

By integrating artificial intelligence, WAP enables more efficient allocation of resources, resulting in reduced customer waiting times and increased technician productivity. The WAP helps reduce operational costs while increasing business profitability through more efficient resource management.

Customer benefits

No training required, thanks to guided processes

WAP operation is intuitive and largely self-explanatory. The integrated wizards guides users step-by-step through almost every process, which reduces training time to a minimum.

The efficiency booster

The WAP is the Swiss army knife of order processing and workshop management. Focusing on a single software that networks all key areas and enables intelligent automation guarantees a decisive gain in efficiency and absolutely transparent processes.

Reports provide insights

The WAP Cockpit provides a real-time tracking system for all processes, central data management, and precise planning for required resources. Daily reports provide an overview, grant detailed insights if required, and inform both users and management down to the smallest detail.

Evolve in harmony with your needs

The WAP can be tailored to your individual requirements, thanks to a host of different modules in the areas of control, appraisal, repair and billing. New requirements can be implemented quickly if necessary.

Plug & play: seamless integration into the market's leading ERP systems

As a SaaS solution, our software eliminates the need for installation and runs effortlessly on desktops, tablets and smartphones. By embracing innovation, we’re on the path to full DARVA integration, streamlining your operations like never before. Discover the convenience of connecting our platform to your existing solutions, whether CRM, accounting or any other system, making your workflow smooth and efficient.

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