Maximize customer satisfaction and profitability

Our revolutionary application simplifies the management of vehicle repair appointments. It automatically allocates time slots in a pre-established schedule, using artificial intelligence to optimize workloads. 

Customers can conveniently book online and receive notifications, while managers benefit from a real-time view to enhance workshop profitability. The software enhances client contentment, operational efficiency, and the utilization of workshop resources.

Simplifying complex processes

Optimized planning


WAP simplifies your life by creating quotes directly within the application, connecting in real time to the main calculation platforms, enabling you to generate precise, professional quotes in the blink of an eye, and automatically integrating them into the workflow.

Booking made easy

Customers can conveniently select their preferred time slot for vehicle repair based on the availabilities displayed, accessible from any device.

Artificial intelligence

Our application is powered by advanced artificial intelligence that analyzes demand, technician capacity and turnaround times. It takes into account the complexity of repairs and the specific needs of the vehicle.

Optimized scheduling

Using this data, the application automatically allocates a time slot, optimizing the use of your staff and facilities. This avoids overlapping appointments and optimizes working time.

Notifications and reminders

Customers receive appointment confirmation notifications by email or SMS, which helps prevent appointments from being forgotten. They are also notified of any changes to their schedule.

Real time management

Workshop managers get a real-time overview of all appointments and workloads. They can easily manage appointments, cancellations and modifications if necessary.

Improving customer satisfaction

Thanks to more efficient scheduling, your customers benefit from fast, convenient appointments, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Resource optimization

By maximizing the use of your workforce and facilities, you can improve the profitability of your repair shops.

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