All-in-one solution for multi-site management and monitoring: Introducing HCP

Repair shops, particularly in the automotive sector, face many challenges that affect their efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability.

To solve this problem, we’ve created a software solution: an intuitive, installation-free web application that boosts repair shop productivity.

Welcome to the world of HCP.

Customer satisfaction:

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Increased productivity:

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Three user groups,
three dashboards,
a single platform

Customer dashboard:
prioritizing satisfaction

The customer portal offers transparency and self-service, increasing customer satisfaction and perceived quality.

Staff dashboard:
maximize productivity and efficiency

Digital management, order documentation, simple workflows and automated operations.

Dashboard for managers:
full control

Dashboards, planning, reporting, overviews and in-depth information on every parameter, all in a single product.

Why HCP?

Building customer loyalty

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